N E W S   A R C H I V   2012

12/17/2012 my illustrations from the book "Seis Barbudos" were awarded as winner at the competition Creative Quarterly 30. The Creative Quarterly volume #30 will appear in spring 2013.

12/10/2012 my picture book "Seis Barbudos" (The six bearded men) appeared and is available - for now in Galician and Spanish only. The spanish press and bloggers are excited about the book.

12/01/2012 An article about my work appeared within the 4th JuLit volume of the Working Committee for Youth Literature (Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur) in the column "Aus der Werkstatt", some illustrations are published as well. The interview was conducted by Sigrun Galter (M.A., Philipps University of Marburg).

10/25/2012 my picture book "A min non me comas!" (OQO-editora) appears in Italian as "Non mangiarmi!" at the famous publishing house Logos, Modena. Portuguese and French editions of the book are planned as well.

10/17/2012 day 1 of my teaching assignment at Marburg University – at the very same department I studied graphic design and painting a while ago! The topic for my course is "Associative Illustration and Basic Principles of Comics" and I am convinced that a semester working experimentally together with the students will also be beneficial for me.

09/27/2012 my illustrations for the fairy tale "The Town Musicians of Bremen" are ready and sent to Carlsen publishing house, Germany.

09/15/2012 our book "Von den Sternen bis zum Tau" will appear in Russian at BKL Publishers - supported through the translation grant program by German Goethe-Institut. Here is a very positive review in German, English and Russian.

09/05/2012 Wladimir Kaminers book "La cuisine totalitaire" appears with my illustrations in French at Gaïa publishing house

08/30/2012 my Klimt-Comic appears as an eBook

08/28/2012 today the illustrations for my upcoming picture book with OQO editora - »Seis Barbudos« - were picked up by UPS. Find some sample illustrations here

08/20/2012 an extensive compendium of modern picture book illustrations appeared at the Gestalt publishing house. The »Little Big Books« can be ordered as of now. Also my illustrations were selected for the »Little Big Books« - what an honor!

08/11/2012 the book »Von den Sternen bis zum Tau« appeared in South Korea. However, apparently the publisher thought that my cover was not suitable and decided to replace it by a different one... :-O?!

07/28/2012 I taught a one-week crash course through all genres of illustration in Macerata, Italy. It was a great pleasure for me to work with the highly motivated students participating in the course; and it was intensive and enriching to meet up with old and new acquaintances and colleagues: Carll Cneut, Mauro Evangelista, Lucie Müllerová, Maurizio Quarello and Alessandro Sanna.

06/17/2012 my picture book workshop took place within the Trentino book festival in Trento, Italy; organized by Studio Andromeda, association for art and culture. Grazie a tutti!.

06/15/2012 I accidentally spotted my picture book »Giacomo di cristallo« with a different cover and as paperback. It is strange to learn about this in the bookstore and not by the publisher beforehand...

04/12/2012 a nice review about our book "Von den Sternen bis zum Tau" appeared at Boersenblatt, Germany.

03/26/2012 my Pixi book "About Fisherman and his Wife" appeared in Faroese language at Bokadeild Föroya Laerarafelags, Faroe Islands / Denmark

03/19-21/2012 my 15th book fair in Bologna! The Boersenblatt reports...

02/15/2012 my book "Giacomo di Cristallo" was selected for presentation in the renowned annual "The White Ravens 2012" catalog of the International Youth Library

01/17/2012 finally, after hard work over the last months including research as well as a research stay in Vienna, my first Comic is drawn and delivered. The biography of Gustav Klimt will appear in the Art-Comic series at Prestel, Germany, in March 2012 - timely before the "Klimt-year" starts.

01/03/2012 my very first Pixi-book "The Golden Goose" that I drew 12 years ago appeared in English language in Australia at The Five Mile Press. Also, "Tim the Pirate" is published in English - actually two times: in Great Britain (Bonnier Media) and in Australia (The Five Mile Press) - as "Don't Mess With Pirate Tim".

01/01/2012 Unexpectedly, I found this re-use of my work that was not arranged with myself! Look out for the Soundtrack! Happy New Year!

01/02/2011 the book "Von den Sternen bis zum Tau" ("From Stars to Dew") was nominated as the best non-fiction book of the year 2010 on the website immer-schön-sachlich.de. That's nice.

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