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N E W S :

09/2-3/2016 took place the 9th workshop of German Illustration Foundation, also with my participation. Buchmarkt magazine reports.

08/02/2016 Our title "Wie man mit dem Feuer philosophiert" (How to philosophize with fire) is on the nomination list for the Knowledge Book of the year 2016 as the best nonfiction for young readers. Vote!

07/25/2016 the illustrations for the new pixi book "Noah's Ark" handed over to the publisher today.

07/06/2016 Fyodor Michailovich did it again: he is the winner of Creative Quarterly 44, New York. Some pages from my graphic novel "FMD: Life and Work of Dostoyevsky" will be published in the next issue of Creative Quarterly due out in fall 2016.

06/26/2016 En Alemania "Seis Barbudos" siguen siendo muy bien recibidos. En uno de los últimos números de la popular revista Kinderkram, destinada a las familias, los recomiendan bajo el encabezamiento "¡Contra la discriminación! ¡Por la diversidad!" (p. 20)

06/21/2016 my graphic novel "FMD: Life and Work of Dostoyevsky" merits a merit award of 3X3 illustration show in New York.

06/04/2016 my invited talk and discussion with the students took place at the Volga Media School in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

05/13/2016 Finally, the work on the graphic novel "FMD: Life and Work of Dostoyevsky" is completed. The book / comic album will appear in October 2016 at the Knesebeck Verlag, Munich, Germany.

April 04-06 2016 Look! Germany is Guest of Honour at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2016 and shows the best German illustrations. The selection (great honor and enormous responsibility). Buchmarkt magazine reports.

03/02/2016 a kind review about our book "Wie man mit dem Feuer philosophiert" (How to philosophize with fire) appeared at Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany.

02/01/2016 EMYS Nonfiction Book Award was launched in February 2016 for our book "How to philosophize with fire"!

01/26/2016 My Picture Book "Six Longbeards" was discussed even in Luxembourg magazine "Courrier de l’Éducation nationale"! What a response!

01/09/2016 Our interview for German radio station Deutschlandfunk went on the air.

01/08/2016 Further reviews about the books with my illustrations appeared in FAZ and in Saarbrücker Zeitung heraus.

01/06/2016 "How to philosophize with fire" is among the 7 best books for young readers in the January list of Deutschlandfunk again!

12/16/2015 "Taunus News" and Kronberg public library recommended my picture book "Six Longbeards" as the best Christmas reading!

12/05/2015 two book with my illustrations are among the 7 best books for young readers in the December list of of Deutschlandfunk.

06.11.2015 Do the Bartman! A nice review of the picture book "Six Longbeards" is published in the Little Big Things blog.

25.10.2015 Sandra Matteotti, participant of my workshops in Zurich, Switzerland, published an interview with me in her blog. Thank you so much!

17.09.2015 Zurich newspaper Tagesanzeiger, Switzerland, published a detailed review about the book "How to philosophize with fire".

08/10-14/2015 there was my Illustrations Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland.

05/15/2015 The new book by Jens Soentgen "How to philosophize with fire: chemistry and alchemy for Fearless" will appear soon and with my numerous illustrations at Peter Hammer, Germany.

03/30-04/01/2015 Again - Book Fair in Bologna, Italy. For me, the 18th time and it is still exciting. Börsenblatt reported.

03/13/2015 For the first time I visited the Book Fair in Leipzig. At the traditional breakfast of the Aladin publishing house was presented the German edition of my picture book "Sechs Langbärte" (Spanish original title "Seis Barbudos"). Also another Aladin project with my participation: "The best of Everything" was announced.

03/10/2015 My picture book about Charles Darwin (first edition in Chinese at Grimm Press, Taipei, 2000) was published finally in Russian!

05/03/2015 A new Pixi-book with my illustrations to the great text by Rüdiger Paulsen "Billy Schwarzbart" is published by Carlsen, Germany.

01/03/2015 My illustrations to "The Emperor's New Clothes" were selected for Sharjah Children's Reading Festival exhibition for illustration. Monarchy-critical illustrations with many nacked men are shown in UAE!

01/31/2015 My picture book "Giacomo di Cristallo" has just been published in China.

05/01/2015 My Pixi books: "The fisherman and his wife" and "Prince Dede of Duria" - appeared in Macedonia at Toper publishing house in Macedonian and Albanian languages.

11/05/2014 our long-announced book "From the stars to the dew" is finally published in Russian at Binom, Moscow. Unfortunately, there's a new cover design: a salad of various Illustrations fragments. I hope that this distortion of my original design makes the book very successful on the Russian market.

10/27/2014 Action "Ich bin Stiftung Illustration" - now with my questionnaire.

10/26/2014 A nice video montage of events and interviews on the Illustration Festival Ilustratour in Valladolid, Spain.

10/17/2014 - 25 years ago, my illustration was used for the promotion of the then established Orthodox radio station "Radio Radonezh", Moscow, Russia. Wondering I heard that this image is still in use and even serves as the official logo of the station. Today, the Foundation Radonezh is perceived quite controversially in Russia, so there are evil caricatures and "demotivators" in internet, using my drawing from 1989.

10/13/2014 The book by Eckhard Henscheid "Dostoevsky's Laughter: The discovery of a Great Humorist" with my illustrations on the cover appeared at the Piper-Verlag.

05/09/2014 My illustration drawn for the competition Tapirulan "Garden of Eden" was selected as "runner up" for Creative Quarterly 37, New York, USA.

08/29/2014 Today, I finished and delivered to the publisher a complex and free interpreted illustration. This exciting project involves many colleagues and will be presented in the upcoming year.

07/06-12/2014 International Illustration Festival Ilustratour in Valladolid, Spain. I gave an invited talk at the weekend seminar “Dibuja tu mapa" and an one-week illustration workshop. Castilian Press reported.

05/14/2014 My contribution to Russian Poster Competition "Daily Hero": the symbolic-narrative portrait of the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, done in vector graphics, got the modest but after all the first prize. The portrait of Vladimir Nabokov was selected as well.

04/15/2014 A nice review about our book "Planets, Stars, Galaxies" appeared in the imortant German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

04/13/2014 A little bit cautious about, I registered my account on Facebook. From now on, my news can be found also here. NB: unfortunately only the registered users can access the content.

04/11/2014 my simultaneous comic "Justice: Champagne For Every One!" was selected for the first Annual of Comic and Cartoon Art at Society of Illustrators , New York. The original works will be exhibited in the MoCCA Gallery, New York, from May 28 through August 16th, 2014

04/09/2014 one of my spontaneous large-format erotic drawings was awarded by Creative Quarterly 35 , New York, as a "runner up" in the fine art category, and will appear in the cq-gallery soon.

04/03/2014 a review about my picture book "Seis Barbudos" (Six Bearded Men) appeared - quite compatibly - at the Spanish lifestyle blog "No sin mi barba" (not without my beard ;-)

03/30/2014 the days in Bologna have refreshed my love-hate relationship with Italy. Hereupon I drew a graphical homage in the form of a simultaneous comic: "Viva Italy!" For those who are not familiar with Italian idiosyncrasies and customs, there is a censored g-rated version ;-)

03/25/2014 every year - the Book Fair and the Illustrators Exhibition in Bologna: known and new faces, overwhelming many beautiful books, etc. Amongst others, I had the honor to meet in persona the great Benjamin Chaud and a true classic of the Russian illustration and animation Igor Oleynikov. Also I was glad to meet my former students: Julie Völk and Claudia Palmarucci moving quite confidently in the professional context!

03/16/2014 my illustrations for the book "Seis Barbudos" were selected for the exhibition at the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival in the United Arab Emirates.

02/05/2014 - today came a tattered package from Zagreb with Croatian version of my picture book from pixi series "Tin je gusar" ("Tim is a pirate").

01/23/2014 - today the courier picked up some folders with my original illustrations, which I donate to the German Illustration Foundation and the Picture Book Museum Troisdorf. It is a great honor but also some strange feeling, to be "archived" alive. I would like to hope that my most important and most beautiful works will come in the future ;-)

01/22/2014 - the author of the book "Planets, Stars, Galaxies" Prof. Dr. Dieter Herrmann gave an interview to the "Berliner Woche" and told about the book and our co-working on. Another nice review is here: gute-kinderbücher.de

01/052014 - the picture book of mine "A mi no me comas!" is now also available in Portuguese.

12/28/2013 - the book "Planets, Stars, Galaxies" is - as announced - published at Gerstenberg Verlag, Germany, and available now.

11/22/2013 - my entry for the Tapirulan Illustration Competition, Italy, with the theme "Garden of Eden" could not convince the jury (or it was too convincing ;-) Well ... Rarely I was so satisfied with an illustration...

11/15/2013 - my picture book from pixi series "Tim is pirate" appeared in Macedonia at Toper publishing house in Macedonian and Albanian. The protagonist's name is "Tino" now.

11/01/2013 the topic chosen for the November issue of the cultic Italian magazine "Illustrati" is "Cristal Children." The editors found my illustrations from the picture book "Giacomo di cristallo" Edizioni EMME, 2011 - very suitable for this issue and asked me for the usage rights. Why not?! Now, the magazine is published.

10/27/2013 the opening ceremony of the international illustration exhibition "Le immagini della fantasia" took place in Sarmede / Treviso, Italy, today. Katrin Stangl and I represent Germany there.

10/24/2013 - I gave an invited talk at the Muenster University of Applied Sciences. I very much thank professors Felix Scheinberger and Rüdiger Quass von Deyen for the invitation and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the Westphalian hospitality!

10/20/2013 - A new edition of my picture book about Charles Darwin in English language (the first issue in 2000 by Grimm Press, Taiwan) was sighted in the web. As usual, the illustrator receives information about things like that at last... >:-[

10/13/2013 - the premiere of the children's opera "The Emperor's New Clothes" took place at the Komische Oper Berlin. Also, my newly published picture book with the same name was presented and celebrated modestly between all of the hustles and bustles there. Now, the book is available finally!

10/11/2013 - the German Illustration Foundation organized a "Big signing and drawing action" at the Frankfurt Book Fair. I was happy to take part. It was very nice and unusual to be with numerous well-known and distinguished colleagues and to have to draw in the middle of business! I realized once again that public spontaneous drawing is not one of my strengths! I definitely need the nightly calm of my studio!

09/05/2013 - the long and intensive work on the children's non-fiction book »Planets, Stars, Galaxies" by Dr. Dieter Herrmann (an astronomer and founding director of the Great Planetarium Berlin) is completed. I delivered the illustrations to Gerstenberg Verlag today, the appearance of the book is expected for December 2013.

08/21/2013 - the winners of the 3x3 Picture Book show are announced. My illustrations from the book "Seis Barbudos" were selected by the Jury too!

07/25/2013 - my illustrations drawn in the far summer of 2009 for the legends by Nikolai Leskov "Pamphalon the Mountebank" (Скоморох Памфалон) are finally published at Sodam in Seoul, South Korea. The project has been developed and published in co-work with the translator Dr. Sang-Hun Lee (Alumnus of the University of Marburg and a good friend of mine).

07/17/2013 - recently my comic about Gustav Klimt appeared in Korean language.

07/10/2013 - the award ceremony of the Illustrators competition, organized by the House of Illustration and Folio Society took place at the Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, UK. I had the honor of being named as one of the six winners for the illustrations to Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World."

07/01/2013 - my Pixi book "Town Musicians of Bremen" is published now!

06/15/2013 - I was invited to take part in the well established international illustrations exhibition "Le immagini della fantasia", Italy. Thus, my illustrations for Gianni Rodari's "Giacomo di cristallo" will be shown in Sarmede, Italy, between 10/26/2013-19/01/2014, and will then tour through other places in Italy and Europe.

05/27/2013 - in a very short time, I drew and delivered the illustrations for the Andersen's tale "The Emperor's New Clothes." The book will be published at Jacoby & Stuart, Berlin, Germany, in cooperation with the Komische Oper Berlin exactly to the premiere of the children's opera of the same name in October 2013.

03/12/2013 - Tim-Pirat found his way to Latin America - the book will appear soon in Spanish at Panamericana Editorial, Bogotá, Colombia!

03/01/2013 - my contribution for the this years’ Book Illustration Competition by House of Illustration & The Folio Society, London, made it into the "top 25" entries. The short list will be announced in June.

02/28/2013 - finally, my new picture book "Seis Barbudos" arrived! Spanish press and blogs already reviewed the book, s.: "Cuento a la Vista", "Culturamas", "Brabádegos" etc.

02/15/2013 - the book "Von den Sternen bis zum Tau" ("From Stars to Dew") will appear in Chinese at Beijing Heping Yahua Cultural Communications Co. Ltd soon.

01/10/2013 - my interview given for the spanish online magazine "Un Periodista en el Bolsillo" is now available.

01/05/2013 one of my illustrations was selected for the february edition of the Italian magazine "Illustrati". The topic of the month is "L'arte della gioia" (The art of joy).

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